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What do we do?
Mediacolada's primary mission is to offer advertisers experience and expertise in planning and buying successful radio campaigns.

Mediacolada acts as an effective link between radio stations and advertisers.

Marketers and Media Planners have an abundance of media opportunities at their disposal.
It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep abreast of the various options, let alone be in a position to keep track of more than 100 stations in the ever-changing, South African radio market.

Mediacolada will ensure that your product is advertised on the right station/s at the best rate, with the right frequency and execution.

We plan, buy and execute your campaign from A-Z.

Mediacolada is accredited with all South African radio stations.

Frequently asked questions about advertising on radio in South Africa:
What will it cost me to use radio?
This really depends on the nature of the campaign and also the station/s used. Obviously an extensive, high frequency campaign across several stations would cost more than a more basic campaign on a regional station. The cost of a very small and basic radio campaign starts from around R40 000.00.
Will Mediacolada be able to write and produce my radio commercial/s?
Yes! Creative and production is part of the "A-Z" service which we offer.
How do I know which station/s I should advertise on?
Mediacolada will do a thorough consultant survey. Once we understand your business and objectives, we'll be able to recommend the station/s which is/are most likely to achieve the best results for you.
My product is very "visual". People really do need to see it. Surely in this instance, I should only use print advertising?
One of radios greatest strengths is "Theatre of the mind". People make up pictures in their minds while listening to the radio. If a person is listening to a vehicle commercial, they are likely to picture it in the colour they would choose and they would also see themselves behind the wheel! Powerful stuff!
My product is only available in certain regions. Surely it would be a waste to advertise on radio?
There are numerous regional stations available in South Africa. Furthermore, many of the national stations offer advertising on regional splits at a reduced rate. This would obviously avoid buying waste.

Radio is a medium which can't be ignoredů
You can close your eyes but not your ears. You can speed read, but you can't speed listen.
You can turn your back on the TV, you can't turn your back on radio.
Radio delivers each word of copy
Radio has no small print.