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Some of the brands & companies which we have been proud to represent:
ADT Security Maxidor
Automobile Association (SA) Reebok
Hyundai Rockport
Janssen-Cilag Sage
Karan Beef Sevens Decorating Warehouse
King Consolidated Food Services The Road Accident Fund
Management Planning Systems The Sound Stage

Click on the links below to listen to some of our client's campaigns
Clicking on the links will download and play a small audio clip.
Automobile Association – Comrades ADT Security – Mother’s Day
Reebok Z Series Reebok - Armani
Hyundai - Getz you Noticed Blaire Atholl – Children
Janssen-Cilag - The Patch Maxidor – Heart Surgery
Management Planning Systems Sevens - January Sale
Karan Beef

Radio is a medium which can't be ignored…
You can close your eyes but not your ears. You can speed read, but you can't speed listen.
You can turn your back on the TV, you can't turn your back on radio.
Radio delivers each word of copy.
Radio has no small print.