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Mediacolada launched in October 2002.
Since inception, Mediacolada's mission has been to offer advertisers expertise in radio.
There are many conventional agencies in town but not many who have the intimate knowledge of radio that we do.
We are not the 'jack of all trades' agency but rather 'masters of radio'!
Our service includes planning, buying and executing great radio campaigns.
This A-Z, holistic approach allows Mediacolada to take care of all details around each campaign so that using radio becomes a positive, successful and hassle free experience for our clients.
Importantly, we strive to achieve excellent results through radio while also ensuring that our clients get maximum value for their advertising rand.

Radio is a unique advertising format which has strong advantages over other mediums:
Reach: If you want to reach them, there's more chance you'll get them on radio!
Targetability: Advertisers can decide where and when their message will be heard and and who will hear it!
Cost Efficiency: Radio achieves results cost efficiently; especially in South Africa.
Frequency: Listener loyalty and cost effectiveness means the advertiser's message is heard frequently.
Flexibility: Advertisers can change their message at short notice and at little cost.

Radio advertising also allows for:
        - Short deadlines
        - Low production costs
        - Immediacy
        - Intimacy
Why Mediacolada..?
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Radio is a medium which can't be ignoredů
You can close your eyes but not your ears. You can speed read, but you can't speed listen.
You can turn your back on the TV, you can't turn your back on radio.
Radio delivers each word of copy.
Radio has no small print.